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October 10, 2018





Red Oak Studio
Based in PEI,Canada


Red Oak Studio


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Project 59

Project 59 is a narrative driven VR game. The player becomes part of a story, as a new recruit in a secret government agency that is involved in genetic and weapons research. The story develops over the the levels and the player realizes that things are not as they seem. Gameplay involves elements of action and adventure. Beyond the thrills of the first person shooting, the game offers an intriguing plot where the player has to make decisions and take actions that change the outcome of the game. The gameplay is enhanced by out of game elements such as a "friend" who is helping from outside (through a twitter feed) and these external elements can have effects on the gameplay.

The current version is a preview build with 30+ minutes of gameplay. The full release planned for Fall 2018 will have the full storyline with 6+ hours of gameplay.

The game supports HTC Vive currently and support for Oculus Rift and PSVR is planned.  


Project 59 started out with the idea that the immersive nature of VR can be so engaging that it's possible to connect with the real world to a point where it's hard to decide what's real and what's not.

We started experimenting in the winter of 2017. The results of those experiments led us to the game. We released the preview version with just two levels (30+ min of gameplay) on Steam and Viveport on July 2018. The feedback from the wider audience will be integrated into the full game scheduled for Fall 2018.



You joined a secret agency. Someone is ordering you to carry out covert operations. There are advanced equipment and weapons at your disposal. You have to eliminate mutant creatures as you go through your mission objectives. But you realize things are not as they seem. There is something wrong in the system. And you are really trapped in the agency. You have managed to leak some information outside, to a friend, who might be able to help. 


Fight and eliminate mutant creatures that were made through genetic research. Each mission takes you to new areas with new mutants.

Weapons and Equipment

Collect advanced weapons in your arsenal. Use the "ATM machine" to add upgrades using tech pieces you collect. Replay missions with different weapon sets and upgrades.


Unfolding Mystery

As you progress through the missions you start understanding why you are doing them. Some of the things you are told to do just don't feel right. The story unfolds as you progress. You realize that you have an important part to play and your actions have an effect. You can fix the things that have gone wrong.

External Help

Your friend is trying to help from outside. His Twitter feed is getting a lot of attention and there are powerful people interested in helping you. You see the effect of their actions in your missions.


Teaser trailer

Gameplay trailer




Press, Twitch & Let's Play

To request keys and information please contact us at

Red Oak Studio

Project 59 is made by Red Oak Studio.

Red Oak Studio is a game software company based out of Charlottetown, in the beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. We are small but we have big plans and we are sure that the VR/XR technology will change games forever.

We are working on our ambitious game - Project 59 - that will bring together the realities of the virtual and the "real" world into a single system of delusions. 



Game Design, Art and the Virtual World

Code, Reality and the Real World 


Designs, Animations and Inspirations


Quality, Dreams and Ideas



Social Media, Drums and Lights 


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