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[ From the last email I got from a good friend of mine ]

I don’t want to disclose my identity right now. 

I know I’ll sound paranoid in what I’m about to say, but please give me a chance to say it. Better still, I have a video to show it. Watch the video below, it was recorded and leaked via email by a friend who joined something last winter and has been missing ever since. I have consulted various experts and none of them could confirm that the video is fake.  

"As I was going up the stair

I met a man who wasn't there!

He wasn't there again today,

Oh how I wish he'd go away!"

The back story

It all started when I went to check up on an old friend. I couldn’t find him at his place and his neighbor told me that he’s been reported missing since last winter. Then I remembered that sometime back he was sending me all these weird photos (including the video above) mentioning something that I cannot fully disclose here at the moment (for my safety). I just thought it was a prank that he was playing on me. But now that I go through those mails again, I start to see a pattern. I dug up the first email where he was telling me to volunteer at some government project with a link for registering (the “Gain access to Project 59” link above). It’s giving me the “Site down for maintenance” now but when I tried it back then, it took me to an online form. If anyone can access this site again please tweet with the hashtag #project59 which I'll be following  (sorry I cannot share my contacts).

With all the evidence that I've collected, I have a theory about what might be happening but before I share that, I'd like you to look at some of the images I’ve received from my friend (I have some more, but they are too creepy to share right now, I want to find out more). 

The Project 59 theory

Boy o boy where do I start? Well I guess I’ll drop you right in the middle.

All evidence force me to believe that our department of defense has conducted (or are conducting right now) some kind of genetic research to produce some new species. And of course, something went wrong and now they are struggling to keep the situation under control.


But wait, there is more to this. Some evidence tells me that they have also synthesized an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that would serve them without asking questions. They've got thousands of "shoot first ask later" soldiers, so they needed someone (or something!) who can utilize them properly. Someone with no emotion, no attachment to any ethnicity or morality - that's this new AI. A super power, capable of coming up with the most optimal war strategies, analyzing a massive volume of data in a split second which would take weeks for human generals and their subordinates.

That’s not all either. I have some documents that make me believe that some of the Sams were against this AI project from the go. They held back on the possibility of reaching a singularity and its global take over but others believed that these old timers were product of ego and job insecurity so the project went on anyway. My guess (I don't have concrete evidence to back this though) is some of these generals went rogue and are now secretly organizing a private group to get things back the way it was.

I am sure they are using "volunteers" for some experiments and my friend was a victim of all this. I will keep posting updates here and on the twitter @exposeproject59 as I learn more. Keep an eye on this page and my twitter handle.

If you know anything about this, anything, please contact me on my twitter. And again, please check out the “Gain access to Project 59” link and tweet if you can ever get in.

This page is for the promotion of the virtual reality (VR) based computer game - Project 59 made by Red Oak Studio. All characters, stories, videos and images in this page are fictional. If you accept anything that you see on the Internet as a fact then this website and the game is probably not for you.

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